Yep another WordPress blog for the GravityFed Network of sites. This one is to categorize and archive outdoor retailer promos sales and special offers from all our participating stores in the gear outlet. We already feature each retailer’s current deals on their respective detail pages, but now we’ll be re-purposing select offers here for those savvy web shoppers who have no interest in paying full price for their gear and apparel. And if you’re reading this, that’s probably you! There are better things to spend your money on, right? ;)

One of the reasons we thought it would be important and useful to post the best deals here, is because that allows our site visitors to be able to subscribe via RSS feed(s) to post notifications (learn more about using RSS feeds with this site). Firefox has a nice feature called live bookmarks that you should check out, if you’re not familiar with RSS. When using Firefox (or Thunderbird, Mozilla’s email client) just click the little orange icons you see that represent RSS Feeds (see a big version below), and Mozilla will ask you if you would like to make the feed a live bookmark. At that point, the feed content will be placed in your bookmarks toolbar. And it’s just a matter of having a glance now and then to see what specials are active here at this blog. We’ll give you the details, the links, and the codes necessary to redeem killer savings while shopping for your outdoor equipment.

For an overall subscription to all sales and deals, you’ll want to subscribe to the Gear Sales category. All deals will live there as well as in their respective store’s category. Drop us a line if you have any questions, or to let us know what you think. Now it’s time to get started archiving the deals!